The Ultimate Valentine's Experience: Hurawalhi's Festival of Romance

Mon Feb 26 2024

Hurawalhi Maldives

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Love is in the breeze and waves of the sea. This Valentine's day, it is hard to imagine how you will make February the sweetest lux holiday for your loved one. Dreaming it is being so romantic and sweet, the idyllic tropical Island in the Indian Ocean is a dream come true experience for an ultimate Valentine's experience. The extravagant and luxurious first-rate Hurawalhi all-inclusive Maldives is the perfect escape that you and the special person in your heart will never forget, along with the soft powdery white sand and lush green palm trees.


The resort has innovated a festival of romance with sumptuous cuisine and enchanting events that are sure to make your heart pound faster - red flowers and a box of chocolates, or even a diamond ring, will never be enough after a Valentine's Day well spent. Also, the Hurawalhi island resort wedding during the festival is another unworldly experience with the Hurawalhi island resort honeymoon package. According to Hurawalhi island resort reviews, this romance festival is superb and one-of-a-kind.


Hurawalhi has much to offer! The beautiful award-winning 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is the setting for exclusive breakfasts, relaxed lunches, and superb evenings. Sulha Spa is the ideal setting for some me-time or us-time, a haven from the cares and strains of everyday life. Embark on unforgettable adventures together, perhaps to the idyllic Dream Island for a picnic in solitude, be aboard Bella, the luxury yacht where couples can be the King and the Queen of the ocean, experience Hurawalhi diving, search for mantas, cruise with lovely dolphins, and snorkel with gentle turtles - ultimate valentine's memories are just waiting to be made.


Dreamy Stay: Hurawalhi's Festival of Romance Accommodation

When you visit the resort, the first thing you want to see is the place where you and your partner will be staying. These are the best dreamy stays that you can choose from:


  1. Awe-inspiring Stay: Ocean Pool Villa

    The Ocean Pool Villa combines an awe-inspiring setting with contemporary design to make your long-held passion for over-water luxury a reality. Feel the romance of the Maldives as you are whisked away by your own sanctuary positioned beautifully above the glittering Indian Ocean. The large and elegant interior leads to a polished sundeck from which you may plunge into the green lagoon and let your thoughts wander during precious moments spent in your very own infinity pool.


  2. Be Private: Romantic Ocean Villa

    These villas provide a private and serene setting where time slows, and couples may fully bond. The Romantic Ocean Villa has a soaking tub on the terrace, which is the ideal way to conclude the day while watching the sunset. From the vast sundeck, marvel at the stunning, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, and revel in having the finest luxury on stilts above the brilliant ocean all to yourself. A magnificent retreat suited for honeymooners, couples, and anybody else looking to live like royalty on their dream Maldives vacation.


  3. High Life, Hig Love: Ocean Villa

    Experience the high life by relaxing and unwinding in an Ocean Villa. This over-water lodging adds sumptuous elegance to the breathtaking natural beauty of Hurawalhi. Celebrate luxury and embrace nature right on your doorstep: take a dive in the ocean from your sundeck, and allow the soft lapping of the waves beneath your villa to create a sense of calm and tranquillity in what will be your perfect vacation.


Romantic Dining: Hurawalhi Cuisine

According to many, one way to get someone's heart is through the stomach. So, as a couple, during your Hurawalhi's festival of romance ultimate Valentine's experience, it is a must that you try these romantic dining just for you:

Illusive Gastronomical Nirvana for Lovers: 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

The hunt for illusive gastronomical nirvana for lovers looks to be over 5.8 dazzles and thrills the customers with various sampling feasts with a cutting-edge location. The 5.8 is as much an elegant dining gastronomic adventure as it is an outstanding design marvel. You can sate your appetite while enjoying the view that only a few restaurants in the world can provide. Experience the Maldives' trendiest restaurant and the world's biggest underwater dining venue – and sample the many flavors of the exquisite cuisine at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant at your favorite time of the day. Hurawalhi's iconic lux dining restaurant serves a combination of gracious location and inventive dishes for lunch and dinner. Menus are indicative and can vary based on the season and the chef's current culinary inspiration.


Fiery Love, Fiery Blend: Kashibo Restaurant

A fiery blend of Asian food and breathtaking vistas suits the fiery love of couples. The modern Kashibo Restaurant (kashibo is Dhivehi for sea urchin) hits the mark with both a picture-perfect environment and a delectable dining menu. Indulge in Asian street food highlights and pamper your taste with everything you love about Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as a variety of seafood favorites and vegetarian meals. An Asian cocktail menu of world-class caliber will vie for your attention with the irresistible shochu drinks that you may sip on while lounging in the shade during the warmest hours of the day or when the sun goes down, and lights illuminate the water, and reef sharks and rays appear. Kashibo's environment is the perfect complement to its broad collection of scents from throughout Asia, from its breathtaking view of the ocean by day to the sensuous flickering of candles by night.


Fall in Love and Be Enticed: Canneli Restaurant

The main buffet-style restaurant serves only the finest cuisine. The tantalizing fragrances. The sound of sizzling food. The environment. The Canneli will amaze you with all of these, as well as themed evenings that will allow you to try several international cuisines during your stay. The restaurant is a mash-up of flavors and people, resulting in a modern and casual dining experience. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are all gastronomic occasions where one can indulge in delectable delicacies made with only the finest ingredients. Canneli, which translates to "yellowfin tuna" in Dhivehi, offers both indoor and outdoor sitting, with the latter being especially appealing at breakfast when dolphins may pass by in the distance.


Renew the Love: Champagne Pavilion

Take in the tranquil beauty of Hurawalhi. This romantic ocean-side retreat is ideal for private pre-dinner meetings, topped off with a glass of champagne and delectable canapés and petit fours. Captivating views of Dream Island - Hurawalhi's own sandbank that pierces the blue of the ocean and provides a lovely, if not bizarre, sight - add to the charm. Time is left at the door in Hurawalhi, and one may enjoy the simple things in life. Nature bestows the Maldives with some spectacular sunsets that can be seen best from the resort's westernmost location, the Champagne Pavilion. But this is not the only natural beauty to be found here; dolphins frequently come and, with luck, may not only race by but may also put on a magnificent spinning, twisting, and leaping display. The Champagne Pavilion hosts wedding celebrations. Lovebirds can make a wish and exchange or renew their vows among Hurawalhi's pure splendor. A modest yet breathtaking wedding ceremony at the romantic Champagne Pavilion will get your heart beating and will undoubtedly give extra glitter to your love.


Other A-Must-Try Valentine's Experience at Hurawalhi Maldives

From the dreamy stay and romantic dining, here are other a-must-try activities that will surely bring an ultimate Valentine's experience during the Festival of Romance:


  1. Cruise with your Loved One 

    Nothing says "love" like being whisked away in your own luxury boat. Explore the atoll in search of a secluded island, sip champagne, watch the Maldivian sunsets in all their grandeur, and be amazed by the night sky as the stars shine above - you can even spend the whole night on Bella if you choose.


  2. The Love Search is Over; Try Manta Search

    Since you have already found your partner, it is time for both of you to experience together the search for Manta Ray with Manta Trust. Manta rays are one of the most captivating species on the planet, and in Hurawalhi, you may have wonderful experiences with these gentle giants of the sea. Swimming with manta rays is frequently recognized as the most fantastic experience by our visitors, so join our resident marine scientist for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


  3. Dance the Night Away Together 

    Club Cupid, Hurawalhi's special Valentine's DJ night at Coco Bar, after a day full of beautiful moments and wonderful excursions. Cocktails and listening to your favorite tracks with DJ AJ are the ideal ways to cap off a beautiful day in paradise. Kick off your flip flops and enjoy the freedom of dancing the night away with your loved one before strolling back down the beach to your villa - remember to make a wish in case you see a shooting star!


Start Planning Your Valentine's Experience

Let the anticipation grow for your stay at Hurawalhi, which will be captivating, full of wonder, remarkable adventures, and exquisite gastronomic delights. Start planning your couple goals for Valentine's experience now at

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