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Please note that these terms that appear on www.maldivesexclusive.com are considered to be a legal agreement between the guest and Maldives Exclusive along with resorts, accommodation, services and other activities. The guest is regarded as to agree and accept our terms and conditions by accessing www.maldivesexclusive.com and by making a reservation confirmed on this website. You are expected to act bounded by the mentioned terms and conditions when you either work with our site or stay in your resort. Please note that these terms and conditions may considered to be invalid, solely with our concern. When the new substitutions are made, they will appear in the site so that you can make yourself aware by checking them and acting accordingly.


Reservation and payments.

A deposit payment must be paid by the guest within 07 working days of confirming a booking request. In failure to deposit the supposed payment on time, the booking request is assumed to turn into an invalid state.

A deposit of 50% of the total amount must be paid for the placed bookings which have 30 or more remaining days for the date of arrival. Here, the balance payment must be settled within 30 days of the expected arrival date. The total amount payable must be paid for the bookings which have 30 or less remaining days for the date of arrival.

During instances where a security deposit may be payable, the guest has to make the payment at the property to the property owner or the owner’s representative. The amount should be paid in full to avoid any inconveniences that may further occur. This amount is usually repaid to the guest upon departure at the end of the stay, taking the following points into consideration.

Additional expenses made by the guest.

Compensation of a loss made by the guest.

Compensation for damage made by the guest.


Your stay at Maldives Exclusive is capable of handling the check-in times with the property owner or the owner’s representative if only we are clearly made aware of the guest’s time of arrival. During the stay of the guest, the property is considered to be his/her home, but it is the duty of the guest to allow necessary access to the owner, owner’s representative, and the staff for providing any utilities and additional services.


The guest is responsible for maintaining the dignity of himself, other guests as well as of the visitors who access the property during the stay. It is extremely necessary to ensure that no illegal or immoral activities take place in the premises with or without the guest’s concern.


The number of guests should not exceed more than the maximum number of sleeping places that are mentioned in order to avoid further inconveniences. Please note that the valuables of the guest are at his/her own risk. The guest is responsible for ensuring that the property is under lock and key when his/her presence is unavailable.


Effective communication is the key to problem-solving. In case of any customer dissatisfaction, the guest needs to be open to present the matter to the owner or the owner’s representative in order to find immediate solutions.

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