How To Protect Your Skin When You're In The Maldives

Tue Feb 27 2024

Given the climate, today, where the sun’s heat is overwhelming, going to the beautiful white pristine beaches of Maldives requires skin protection. The sun can damage the skin, that is general knowledge, so skincare or skin protection is highly needed, even or especially since the wind breeze in the Maldives is cool. 

The soft and gentle breeze calms you into a false sense of sanctuary, and before you know it, the sun has not just kissed but burnt your skin. This can ruin your one-in-a-lifetime luxurious experience on the Island of Maldives. 

So, how to protect your skin when you are on the majestic Island of Maldives? I got you on that! Here are some tips to prevent you from damaging your skin and saving your vacation.


4 Tips To Protect Your Skin From Sun While on Vacation

The most important thing you need to do is apply sunscreen, wear UPF clothes, wear a baseball cap instead of regular hats, and use antioxidant pills.

1. Don't Forget To Apply Sunscreen

Just so you know, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection causes wrinkles, aging, and other skin problems. I know that you just wanted to take away with you that perfect tan skin and memorable experiences, so how can you avoid skin damage? Well, using lotion with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can help you defend your skin from the scorching rays of the sun. 

When you choose a sunblock, read the label carefully and look for a product that offers broad-spectrum protection. Most of us fail to realize that a high SPF only protects our skin from UVB protection, while a high spectrum protection sunscreen can safeguard your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The UVA is Ultraviolet A which has a longer wavelength and is associated with skin aging. At the same time, UVB means Ultraviolet B, which has a shorter wavelength and is associated with skin burning. 


So, choose the best sunscreen for the Maldives that prevents your skin from sunburn and aging. Also, apply sun protection 30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. This will ensure the absorption of the SPF into the skin and do not forget to reapply it regularly as you appreciate the beach while walking, enjoy the waters through swimming, or relish the whole experience with outdoor activities.


2. Wear Sun Protective Clothing / UPF Clothes

Buying new and trendy clothes is somewhat like necessary when you visit the Maldives to complete that aesthetically expensive look when you post your getaway in the Maldives on your social media. When you invest in that clothing, it is best to buy UPF clothes.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This clothing indicates how much UV radiation, both UVA and UVB, a fabric can allow reaching your skin; for example, a UPF 50 clothe can block up to 98 percent of the sun’s rays. In other words, UPF is like SPF designated for clothes.


3. Wear Hats, Caps, or Baseball Caps

Protecting your skin must be your utmost priority at the end of your mind. Going out to the beach on the Island of Maldives on a sunny day only wearing a regular hat will not be sufficient for your skin and scalp protection.

It is advisable and better to wear a baseball cap instead. Well, there might be a thought in your mind that it will ruin your aesthetic appearance. However, wearing it can withstand the UV rays that protect you from sunburn. Just remove the cap when you take a picture. 


4. Use Antioxidant Pills

For utmost protection, using an antioxidant pill is also helpful in shielding your skin from burn. The pill can create a net of safety and security from the UV rays that slip through the cracks of the SPF applied. It is also helpful to pack with you vitamins A, C, and E, which are also best in boosting the natural self-protection of our skin while we are enjoying the sun in the Maldives.

You can include in your menu the foods like sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, paprika, almonds, oranges, and other foods which are rich in the said vitamins. With total sun protection, apart from sunscreen for the Maldives, popping an antioxidant pill, vitamins A, C, and E on the face 30 minutes before the sun exposure will make your holiday happier.

Why you Need to Apply Sunscreen in the Maldives

When you visit the Maldives, make sure to bring with you the best sunscreen for beach vacation Maldives. But why? All around the world, healthcare experts will advise you to get and constantly apply sun protection lotion even on cloudy days. The Island of Maldives is a country where the sea breeze is calming and cold. Still, the temperature is almost the same where remains 31 degrees Celsius during the morning to 21 degrees Celsius in the evening throughout the year. Therefore, the best way to protect your skin is to use sunscreen.  

Here are some significant reasons why there is a need for you to bring sunblockthe Maldives lies along the Equator, Skipping the use of SPF agents can lead to skin cancer, Sunscreen reduces the risk of developing hyperpigmentation, and sunblock prevents aging. 

1. The Maldives Lies Along the Equator

Geologically, the areas with greater UV radiation exposure are at low latitudes, near the equator, and or high altitudes. Since the equatorial line passes through the Island of Maldives, we can infer that the risk of damaging your skin is higher, which is why you really need sunscreen for your skin protection.


Additionally, bear in mind that from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. during sunny days, UV strength is at its greatest. Up to 80 percent of the UV rays pass through the clouds. Meaning consistent sunblock application during this time will really help to avoid sunburn. If this fact alone will not be enough to convince you to bring and apply sunscreen when you visit the Maldives, just keep reading.

2. Skipping the use of Sunscreen will lead to Skin Cancer

The Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage your skin, such as causing sunburn, and aging, and worst, can cause skin cancer if overexposed. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, people who spend more time under the heat of the sun have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Fortunately, the best sunscreen to use in the Maldives is already available in the market.


Buy and bring with you sunblock that contains a broad spectrum that will help your skin gets sufficient protection against the UVA and UVB rays and will erase your worries about skin cancer when you want to enjoy the sun on the Island of Maldives.

3. Sunscreen reduces the risk of developing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that is caused by sun exposure that makes your skin darken in patches. This is due to changes in melanin production. Melanin is the pigment responsible for your skin color. Probably most people look for a product that will somehow reduce the effect of it on the skin when it is actually valuable in how to prevent it. Well, applying your sunscreen every day is the answer to that.

4. Sunscreen Prevents Aging

Just as much as you love to look younger and youthful when you apply anti-aging products, maybe we need to also love preventing this premature skin aging from happening. According to skin experts, there are two reasons why aging occurs in the skin: intrinsic aging, which is influenced by genetics, and extrinsic aging, which is induced by prolonged exposure to UV rays, pollution, chemicals, and other environmental factors.

Long exposure to sunlight destroys the skin and causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. Regular application of SPF agents will allow you to enjoy that smooth, healthy, youthful-looking skin for longer years.

When To Apply And Reapply SPF And How To Avoid Sunburns

Before you enjoy the sand and the waters of the Island of Maldives, make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 all over your body to prevent the above-mentioned skin problems if overly exposed to sunlight. Do not forget to apply your lips, ears, feet, hands, and exposed areas such as the back and neck. Here is the step-by-step application of sunscreen.

  1. Apply sunscreen every time you go out for walking, swimming, or any other water and beach activities 20-30 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. This will ensure total absorption of the protection needed by our skin. 

For Babies under 3, make sure to apply sunblock at least 5-10 ml, but babies should be kept out against direct heat from the sunlight. Kids 3-5 years old need 10-15 ml for protection, and kids 5-10 years old require 15-20 ml. While the adults, 30 ml for complete body application.

When applied, dot the sunscreen all over your face and body, covering those exposed areas. Do this method directly by squeezing the bottle gently to the skin. If you are using a spray, just spray it all over the exposed areas until they are fully covered.


3. Massage the sunscreen gently to your skin using a circular motion using your hands. Make sure to rub it until no steaks are left evenly.


4.  Reapply immediately after sweating. The sweats wash out the SPF agents, so reapplying sunscreen is needed for protection.


5.  Reapply immediately after enjoying swimming or any exciting water activities. Sunscreen wears off easily when soaked in water. However, according to FDA, their sunblock is “water resistant” that can maintain the SPF after 40 minutes of immersion in the water. The best diving sunscreen is a sunscreen that with “very water resistant,” which can maintain the SPF for 80 minutes after long water immersion when diving. With either type of sunblock, there is still a need to reapply.

6. Reapply SPF agents at least every 2 hours to keep your skin protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

How To Care For Your Skin And Repair Damaged Skin

Protecting your skin from sunlight is essential as caring for your skin. When your skin is exposed to the sun will cause the water to evaporate from your skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated. To continue caring for your skin, you should incorporate moisturizer by the time you apply sunscreen or choose a UV protecting agent that has a moisturizer element already before you go out.

Also, the use of emollients will boost the ability of the skin to retain its natural moisture and repair the skin by replacing the lost fluids. Through this process, the complexion of the skin regains its softness and supple appearance. Consequently, as a simple way of maintaining your skin moisture, consume at least 6-8 glasses of water or more. 


Calm The Burn From The Maldives Sun


Sometimes, because of excitement to enjoy the holiday and given that you booked the all-inclusive vacation Maldives where enticing water activities are so much fun, you might forget to apply or reapply sunscreen. This will cause your skin to burn. When the skin burns, the fine layers at the top of the dermis will be damaged, causing discomfort.

To calm your skin, aloe vera gels are great for cooling and soothing the burnt areas– refrigerate before application for better effect – while raw products, organic plant-based oils, like rosehip, coconut, and argan, contain nourishing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can also help relieve the irritating feeling of tight, dry skin. Apply just before you go to sleep so they can penetrate the skin and nourish it overnight.

Most of the resorts in the Maldives are equipped with world-class spas that will surely give your skin a calming and relaxing moment from that sunburn.


Enjoy A Stress-Free Winter Sun This Year In The Maldives


To experience a sunburn-free vacation in the Maldives, make sure to protect and take good care of your skin, and do not forget to apply the best sunscreen.


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