Go Free Diving at these House Reefs In Ja Manafaru Maldives

Mon Feb 26 2024


Maldives is undeniably home to an incredible diversity of marine life and is frequently ranked as one of the most stunning and pristine diving locations in the world. Divers of all levels, including beginners and experts, are fascinated for this reason alone. With the help of our PADI and SSI-certified diving center at JA Manafaru Maldives, you can also experience this world for yourself. Experience these intriguing and colorful species of underwater residents up close and personal while being guided by our trained staff.

The Best House Reef for Free Diving at Ja Manafaru

On the east side of the island, next to the jetty, is the house reef. The diving school is right adjacent to the jetty on the beach and using the buggy, you can get there in about two minutes. The house reef is at the end of the jetty.

The reef quickly descends to a depth of 25 meters, where the sandy bottom is home to many different types of macro life, including garden eels, hermit crabs, shrimp, nudibranchs, honeycomb moray eels, and bottom-dwelling stingrays. The reef itself is made up of finger corals and stony corals, which are home to tiny reef fish. It is a great training reef for check dives and diving courses due to the gentle currents.

This Ja Manafaru house reef is also home to a diversity of marine life that enlivens the whole site. Its clear water is also perfect for your underwater pictorial as if the water itself is boasting its own beauty and wants you to tell the whole world about its undeniable attraction. 


The Best Place to Stay in Ja Manafaru

If you are looking forward to a deep-sea experience, it would be best to perch on top of the water during your stay. The most recommended choice of rooms will be between the Sunset Water Villa and the Sunrise Water Villa.

Ja Manafaru Sunrise Water Villa with Infinity Pool

A pastel color scheme slowly transforms the island's dark blue sky canvas into a work of art of color that is reflected onto the water at sunrise over the Indian Ocean, which is a sight to behold. This magnificent beauty of the illusionary blue panorama will surely enthrall you to dive. This color symphony contrasts well with the muted tones of your Sunrise Water Villa with Infinity Pool. This 110 square meters property, which features an expansive private balcony and an infinity plunge pool, offers views of the Indian Ocean from several different angles.

Ja Manafaru Sunset Water Villa with Infinity Pool

It is a wonderful sight to see the sunset on the Indian Ocean's horizon, where the colors blend. This island highlight contrasts well with the neutral colors of your Sunset Water Villa with Infinity Pool. This room emanates an enticing vibe for a deep dive with the turquoise water beneath your feet. Its 110 square meters space has a large private terrace and an infinity plunge pool, from which you can take in views of the Indian Ocean from several locations.

You may also get in touch with the travel experts for more room choices at +9607773699.



The Perfect Weather for Free Diving at Ja Manafaru

The Maldives generally has two seasons which Ja Manafaru also enjoys. The "best of the best" Ja Manafaru Maldives weather period, often known as the dry season, lasts from October through April. The 26 atolls of numerous sandy coral islands experience calm waters with good visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving throughout this time, along with abundant sunshine, beautiful blue skies, and little rain. The Maldives is a wonderful place to spend Christmas because of the lovely weather in December.

Don't be put off by the fact that the "monsoon season" spans from May to September. The Ja Manafaru weatherincludes rains that are often brief, and by traveling then, you can take advantage of some amazing deals. Storms are possible, but clouds quickly pass over the low-lying atolls, and this time of year, there are also extended periods of dazzling sunshine.

These weather patterns bless the Ja Manafaru Maldives to be generally in the perfect weather for free diving and enjoying the sight of the enlivening diversity of the Indian Ocean.


Aside from this house reef, there are still more sites for you to dive into if you want to explore other places on other days of your stay. You may also arrange your visits to other sites with your travel agent.



The Liberating Energy of the Ja Manafaru Restaurants

Surely, you need to recharge and feed your body with delish meals before you set out on an adventure and after you enjoy your activities. Consider checking the following dining sites for a palatable gastronomic journey that will surely optimize your overall Ja Manafaru experience.


Spoil yourself with the captivating sight of the Horizon Lounge

For front-row seats designed for observing the rainbow of colors that extends across the water and sky, visit Horizon Lounge at JA Manafaru. The Horizon Lounge, which is perched on a raised wooden deck, offers panoramic sea views from either its cozy interior or its outdoor terrace. Due to the bar's proximity to the gym, it is the ideal location for a pre- or post-workout smoothie during the day. All day long, ice cream and coffee are offered. At this delightful lounge bar in the Maldives, unwinding naturally occurs as you lie on cushioned-backed sofas with a custom cocktail in your hand and live entertainment twice a week.


Spice up with the delicacies of Ocean Grill

In the Maldives, this beachfront restaurant serves excellent steaks and superb locally caught seafood. The seasonal cuisine at Ocean Grill at JA Manafaru features delectable dishes that are seasoned with herbs from the resort's organic garden. Choose your meal from among the live fish kept in the restaurant's pond, and the chef will grill it to your preferences. As the evening air blows in wafts of mouthwatering aromas and vibrant flavors to pique your hunger, sit back and unwind.

If you are looking for more dining sites, you may also consider Kakuni, The Cellar, Infinity Bar and Pool, Andiamo Bistro and Pool, and White Orchid.

You may also get special services in the Ja Manafaru all-inclusive package with perky adventures and relaxation treats. 



Explore the Unending Leisure at Ja Manafaru, Maldives

Might as well consider other exciting possibilities on this tropical island and indulge in a variety of leisure.  From the Ja Manafaru snorkeling and different water activities to satisfying options for a wholesome spa experience.


1.Watersports Centre

Wakeboarding, stand-up paddling, parasailing, seabob, and fun tubes are just a few of the motorized and non-motorized water sports available at the licensed Water Sports Centre. You may also rent snorkeling equipment for free during your stay with us. You can count on having a nice time on the ocean no matter what your inclination.

2.Horizon Fitness Pavilion

For those who are interested in staying in shape, we have a fully equipped workout center and stretching room. Our free morning yoga is held at this location on the overwater deck.

3. Calm Spa Sanctuary

Ayurvedic therapy principles that date back millennia are woven together with Maldivian Asian traditions in this sanctuary of total relaxation and healing. Our wellness trips are intended to assist the body and mind heal as well as the soul, in addition to restoring the body. 90-minute or longer treatments.

4. Castaway Experience

Take an excursion to one of our two deserted islands for the ultimate Castaway Island experience if you're looking for a Maldives island getaway. The private islands of Govvafushi and Medhafushi offer a really private refuge to call your own. They are ideal for a quiet day of romantic strolls along white sand beaches or snorkeling in the cold pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. This is an unforgettable, undisturbed leisure experience unlike any other, including day trips, sunset dinners, and overnight stays.

5. Excursions

Explore nearby or deserted islands with off-island excursions; visit Utheemu, the Maldives' cultural center and the home of the hero Boduthakurufaanu; or set sail into the setting sun in search of dolphins or to engage in big game or traditional line fishing.


How Far Away is Ja Manafaru Hotel to Male?

From Velana International Airport (MLE) to Hoarafushi Domestic Airport, JA Manafaru Private Island may now be reached through a 60-minute shuttle. A 50-minute flight and a 10-minute speedboat trip will get you to the resort with Ja Manafaru Seaplanemay also be arranged with your travel agent.


Wrapping Up

Laugh as you attempt to take the perfect stand-up paddleboarding photo. Watch the dolphins swim by while sailing a catamaran and paddling off into the distance. What about going on a supervised snorkeling expedition or diving in some of the archipelago's most pristine waters? Get on your villa bicycle and ride the nature trail to explore the fauna of the island. You can also broaden your horizons at the cultural or environmental awareness lounges, or you can unwind with a book or a board game and take a nap under a coconut tree. At JA Manafaru, you can discover anything you need for your trip.

Visit www.maldivesexclusive.com for your Ja Manafaru Maldives booking to experience the best free diving experience.

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