Enjoy a Deserted Island Picnic at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Tue Feb 27 2024

Discover isolated islands, travel around and hop from one to another. Interact with residents, and unwind on secluded sandbanks. Swim with vibrant fish while snorkeling in the coral-rich home reef. Dive the deep crystal blue waters as a night owl or an early bird. Surf the endless horizon or simply let loose and unwind. The Six Senses Laamu Maldives will be the perfect place you can find.

Picnic Island in the Maldives: Six Senses Laamu

A paradise atoll where luxury and sustainability coexist. Despite being the sole resort on the isolated Laamu Atoll in the southern Maldives, it is only a short inter-island flight with a boat ride away. An amazing, unspoiled paradise is created by on-land and over-water villas and accommodations, with dolphins playing in the cozy sapphire seas and restaurants providing delectable East-West cuisine.

The Manta Trust, Blue Marine Foundation, and Olive Ridley Project are three partner NGOs that cooperate with the award-winning marine conservation program situated right here at Six Senses Laamu to accomplish research, guest education, and community outreach objectives.

Your private island destination lies forty minutes of a speedboat ride away!

Deserted Island Picnic Experience

Your picnic basket, which includes a light lunch, dessert, and a bottle of wine, will all be prepared by our world-class chefs for you to enjoy underneath the dancing coconut palms. Go grab your floppy hat, sunblock, and shades to explore the nearby lagoon, or just unwind on a cozy beach chair in a family outing or a romantic retreat with your beloved other half.

You may maximize the six hours duration of your picnic from 10:00 of the morning to 4:30 the afternoon. This will be plenty of time for you and your kids to enjoy the silvery dunes of the beach, or you may also bring your fishing gear, surfboards, or snorkeling gear while on a picnic.

This romantic date will be the best time for you to strengthen your chemistry as you can enjoy the seclusion and quietude of the setting. Surely this will be just another core memory for you both along your love story.


Gourmet Picnic

Your choice of picnic lunch, a bottle of wine, and some other beverages are all packed for you. The Chefs of the Six Senses Laamu restaurants will be of help to give you a bespoke experience for your picnic gourmet adventure. You may consider the following specialties of the restaurants in composing your picnic menu:


  • Organic Mediterranean gourmet

    With a farm-to-fork twist, The Leaf restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean fare made with vegetables from our organic gardens and nearby islands.


  • Japanese Omakase cuisine

    Zen serves contemporary Japanese Omakase food. On the upper deck, enjoy a meal in a welcoming and informal setting while listening to the same ocean waves crashing in the distance.


  • Fruit Cuts and South Asian Menu

    An open-air restaurant offers a generous breakfast fruit cut to order. South Asia is a major focus of the dinner menu, which is often influenced by themed nights from all around the world. Additionally, if you visit the Longitude restaurant, there are live cooking nights where chefs make a range of meals from different world cuisines right then and there.


  • Flavorful Ice Cream treat

    Consider the treats of the outdoor ice cream and sorbet shop with 48 distinctive flavors. All are handcrafted and made to delight your taste buds with natural ingredients.

  • Pizza, Burger, Pasta, BBQ, and Desserts

    Sip serves fresh pizzas, burgers cooked over a jungle-wood barbecue, comforting pasta dishes, and desserts with a regional flair. Try our drinks and freshly squeezed juices.


  • The Liquid Experience

    The chill bar is where tales are created during morning snorkels and retold over cocktails in the afternoon. At this enchanted over-water location built over several levels, signature cocktails washed ashore and never left. Ask your GEM for more information on our Liquid Experiences.


  • A bottle of timeless wine

    In the wine cellar, our sommeliers are waiting to reveal their wine-pairing techniques. Four wines from various regions of the world have been selected to go with a variety of canapés, cheese, or chocolate. A blind wine tasting is available for those with more refined palates to identify the varieties and countries of origin of three wines.


The Six Sense Laamu Maldives houses a multitude of gourmet choices. Feel free to customize your lavish picnic indulgence.

What to do in a Picnic in Six Sense Laamu Maldives

Your picnic escapade to an island will be best enjoyed with the food and the people you are staying with. In addition to that, why don't you try to maximize the whole duration by enjoying some peaceful hobbies you got there and exploring the natural bounty of the magnificent island? After all, you've got the island for yourself. Go!

  • Grab your snorkeling gear

    Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the length of time of your picnic experience and explore the underwater world around Six Senses Laamu's picnic islands while the enlivening marine life is being preserved by marine biologists from the Maldives Underwater Initiative.

  • Ride your surfboards

    Regardless of age, skill level, or aptitude, everyone may experience the greatest pleasures of surfing in safety, comfort, and style. Take your time enjoying an island picnic while paddling your board and riding the big waves.

  • Swing your Fishing Pole

    Animate your baits as you swing your rod into the depths of the sea while enjoying a sun-kissed seat on the dunes during your picnic with your family or lover. Chill out in the warmth of the tropical beach like you own the whole world, enjoying the tranquility of the regal picnic island for yourselves. Why not? You deserve that.


    Feel free to personalize the experience you wish to get during your picnic experience in Six Sense Laamu Maldives. However you wish to unwind and let loose, the team will always back you up to give you the optimum vacation you will always remember.

Explore beyond your Regal Isolation at Six Sense Laamu

When you achieve the utmost leisure of your picnic indulgence, feel free to extend your recreation with the following experiences:

  1. Reconnect with Nature

    It's simple to lose sight of something like the natural beauty all around us in today's rapidly urbanizing and fast-paced society. You will learn about the magnificent ecosystems of Laamu, understand their significance, and be given the tools you need to help them during this full-day trip.


  2. Dhoni Cruise for Couples

    Sail the Maldives: From dawn to dusk, just set the time, and this wonderful journey will voyage towards the captivating waters of the Indian Ocean.


  3. Become Junior Biology

    Guided snorkeling excursions and classroom time are part of mentoring well with Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI) staff of marine biologists. Each participant receives a certificate for completing the classes, and they gradually accumulate the equipment required to become a Junior Marine Biologist.


  4. Organic Garden Tour

    Take a tour of the organic garden to discover more about how we raise our herbs and salads.


  5. Sustainability Tour

    Look behind the scenes to learn more about our environmental procedures.


  6. Cooking Class

    Acquire all the information on exotic foods and how to use uncommon ingredients.


  7. Turtle Hatching

    Be a witness on the kickstart of the baby turtles' journey to the vast waters of the sea. These little

    fighters deserve genuine cheering.


  8. Culture Presentations and Marine Conservation

    Find out more about the Laamu Atoll and the Maldives' marine life.


  9. Explore the Local Islands

    Visit a neighboring island where you may wander the streets and get a feel for local life when you're not at Six Senses Laamu.


  10. Spirit Mixing: Cocktail Class

    During this hands-on session, our team of bartenders will demonstrate how to create your favorite classics or a variety of our unique cocktails.


  11. Chocolate Experience

    Join a class to learn how to make homemade chocolate bars and truffles, either in a group or on your own. Choose between "Sense of Chocolate" to discover how to make caramel fudge or "Crafted with Love" to learn how to make truffles with orange caramel mixed with mango passion.


  12. Watersports

    Aqua lovers have many options at the Ocean Wings Watersports Center.


  13. Cinema Beneath the Stars

    Watch popular films on a big screen while admiring a starry sky.


  14. Beach Lobster Barbecue

    Allow our hosts to design a special eating experience for you on the beach.


  15. The Rituals

    Rituals assist in preserving our enduring ties to antiquated customs and cultures under the guidance of our hosts and local partners. Six Senses believe that they are an easy way to connect with others, honor our surroundings, and widen our senses to the magic that is all around us.


Lighten up your day at Six Sense Laamu

Prepare your picnic mat and grab your basket for a luxurious picnic experience at Six Sense Laamu Maldives. An entire regal island to yourself for a day will give you an authentic Robinson Crusoe experience. Visit www.maldivesexclusive.com and speak to our travel experts to start planning your sumptuous picnic starting today.

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