Beach Villa or Water Villa? You Can Have It All in the Maldives

Mon Feb 26 2024


Maldives is gaining popularity with its gorgeous and scenic beaches, vested upon their islands by the grace of nature, perfect for your holiday getaways and vacations. Their scenic picture of curvy dunes of white sand beach and sparkling crystal-clear water with villas lying on top of the waters across the horizon under the azure skies with bright shiny daylight depicts a perfect place for your escapade.


What is a water villa?

The famous watervilla hotels and resorts Maldives offer you a place to stay that lies on top of the clear water on their beach. A water villa, as the name insinuates, is a building or structure built on top of the water duly supported by stilts to put them in place. This building is connected to the land by a wooden pathway also called a jetty, and is also connected to other villas on the site. 


Water villas have grown popular and gained favor from travelers as this gives the visitors direct access to the waters. Water villas are said to be more romantic in the sense that it give more privacy to the individuals staying in them.


Although water villas are built directly on top of the water, some are also built with an infinity pool on top of the salty ocean water rendering a more luxurious experience for visitors. 


As water villas lie right on top of the sea, families with small kids get to enjoy the leisure of this structure as the safety of the younger children is considered to be integrated into their structural designs. Railings and other safety precautions are duly applied.



Which one is better water villa or a beach villa?

Staying in abeach villa or a water villa might be a confusing choice of which to cross out from your bucket list in planning to get a Maldives tour package for couples, single, or family. The amenities of every resort are different from one another, but so is the service you get from the offers of the resorts. It will be very subjective to discuss which is better when our preferences also differ from one person to another. So, here are the things that might determine which is better and which suits you well between a beach villa and a water villa.


Beach Villa

You might find a beach villa without an exclusive pool or no pool at all. But if you are a sea lover and would prefer to dip in the seawater more than a pool, then a beach villa should be a decent choice for you. It is typically a more budget-friendly option compared to the latter one. 


As the beach villa lies on the land, you will have more access to the sand dunes. Your family, especially kids, might enjoy running around, and playing tag, and you might enjoy sunbathing and lying on the sand with them. It will be easier for you to look over your kids if you have some family activities or play with beach balls as such.The beach villa is built on the shore and gives you easier access to other resort facilities on the land.


Since beach villas are built on the land, they usually come with a personal garden where you get to enjoy greener views. This will give you a balanced view of greenery and the sea that might hit a different attraction to your sight.


Given that beach villas are built on the land and nearer to the other facilities of the resorts like the reception area or the bar, expect that there will be lots of guests walking past your beach, and crowd noise should be anticipated. These factors make this a little less private.


Water villa

Just a little fancy walk from the shore through the wooden jetty to your water villa, you will enjoy exclusive and direct access to the seawater. Some water villas actually built a decent size of infinity pool together with your water villa. Such a lavish experience just hypes the luxury feels of your stay.


The water villa is much more exclusive as it is set apart from the crowd onshore. You get to maximize the serenity of the ocean waves and the salty breeze of the Indian Ocean. Your sight gets to relish the view of the horizon throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. The night sky is another thing to cherish. Imagine spending the night alone with your partner with the splashes of the luminous waves on your swinging toes on the sea with the cold salty breeze of the ocean; that is perfectly romantic.


Your direct access to the water may pose some concern if you are with your little children. The majority of the water villas have safety measures built along the structure to ensure the safety of little kids, which you have to check before booking. 


If you are planning to have more water activities like snorkeling and diving into the sea, then a water villa should be your smartest choice. You get to enjoy more interactions with the colorful fishes, stingrays, and other sea creatures just beneath your feet.


The fact that the water villa is a walking distance from the main facilities of the resort, you will be walking much more to access other facilities. This should be factored out in your planning of activities and have prior arrangements for the services that you expect.



What is the difference between Beach Villa and Water Villa in the Maldives?

There are only a few differences in comparing a beach villa to a water villa in Maldives luxury resorts. There is nothing like a superior choice between the two, but you always have to suit your choice to the plans and activities that you wish to experience throughout your stay.


The two differ in the location of where they are built. The Beach villa lies on the shore, which gives you the leverage to enjoy the dazzling dunes of the beach. You will also find it more accessible to go to other resort facilities as they are built closer to each other compared to water villas.


Your access to water favors differently between our options. If the resort has an inland pool, you are much more advantaged in accessing the pool if you are staying in a beach villa. The water villa is a little distance away from the main facilities of the resorts that are inland.


The distance of the water villa from the pool of the crowd on the shore gives more privacy. Your stay in water villas lets you relish the optimum serenity of the ocean breeze and waves. The sight from the water villa also hits differently when all you see from your deck is the pure azure view of the waters and skies free from bummers like on the shores.


Safety is also another matter that you have to consider in choosing between beach villas and water villas. But this aspect only factors on the company of your trip. Consider what is best for you and so as for the ones staying with you.


It is always best to accomplish a plan of what you want to accomplish on your bucket list to end with a sound choice for your stay in the Maldives island resorts.



Which is worth it Beach Villa or Water Villas?

In booking your stay in Maldives luxury hotels and resorts, be sure to discuss your interests and the objectives of your visit. You will only find your stay worth it when you are able to maximize your stay and if you have accomplished your goals.

Staying in a Beach villa is worth it if your interest lies more in inland experiences and activities. On the other hand, it will be worth everything for you to choose a water villa, especially if your plan is to indulge more in water activities like snorkeling and such.



Best Deals on Beach Villas in Maldives (

There is an overwhelming list of options for you to choose from among the Maldives luxury villas. Their beach villas differ in accommodations, services, and amenities. The size of the villa, location, and cuisine are all factors to consider in choosing where to stay. 


You might be interested in Beach Sunset Pool Villa in Hurawalhi Island Resort, with a large floor area and king-size beds that offer different delicacies during your stay. Crusoe Villa offers an exclusive pool for you to enjoy with your large company at Soneva Fushi, Maldives.


We also have a Beach Pool Villa in Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives that includes an exclusive infinity pool facing the greenery of the shore and a bright sight of the turquoise sea and azure skies. Price may vary depending on the package, but the experience of whichever you choose is definitely worth it. These are only a fraction of the list where you can choose to stay on your holiday escapade.



Where should I stay in Maldives for the best water villa experiences?

There is a progressive list of villa hotels and resorts Maldives can offer affiliated with Maldives Exclusive. Visit to book the best water villa experience that you will ever get overflowing with elegance and lavishness.

Maldives Exclusive unceasingly provides a luxurious beach experience working with a liberal list of partner resorts and hotels.

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