Ithaafushi Private Island

South Male Atoll

Ithaafushi is a private tropical island. Situated in the north-western Maldives, it is a short 40 minute yacht ride from the main airport.

Resort & Room Facilities










Four Bedroom Residence

Your space, your way. What do you want out of your vacation? We're guessing it involves a private beach house on the ocean, with all the room in the world to stretch out and relax. That's why our three-bedroom beach villas are so special—they're spacious enough for you to let your imagination run wild, but also beautifully appointed and inviting enough to make you feel right at home.  



Three Bedroom Beach Villa

With space comes a rather exquisite feeling of personal freedom. And in anyone’s expectations, our three-bedroom beach villas are vast enough to let you imagine you own the warm ocean in front of you. In the parlance of other resorts, this would be described as an oversized villa. But we think that the 1000 m (sq.) of space we’ve reserved exclusively for you, is just right.


Two-Bedroom Overwater Villa

There are a few experiences in life which cannot adequately be described with mere words. Like the utterly luxuriant sensation of being serenaded into slumber by the natural, rhythmic lullaby of lapping water beneath you. It’s an experience you will seek again for the rest of your life and at Ithaafushi Private Island Villas, we offer you the opportunity to make this enchanting experience your own. If there is a gentler, more enriching gift you can give your mind, body and soul, it has not yet been discovered.


Padel Tennis Court
Spa & Fitness Center


 dream within a dream. Such is the state of bliss you can expect when visiting our spa in the Maldives, a part of our wellness facilities on the island. Then there’s the fitness studio so exclusive it will seem as if it is yours alone. The Ocean Pavilion boasts a rich variety of wellness activities. The Spa Wellness Concierge will ensure that your wish for a daily therapeutic massage is met in a private room overlooking the water while Himalayan salt works its magic on your body. Himalayan salt offers numerous benefits to your body, such as detoxifying the skin, improving circulation, reducing respiratory ailments through salt inhalation, and balancing the body’s pH levels, leading to enhanced overall well-being.

Plus, our gym features the latest innovations around high and low impact exercise, under the watchful eye of your own trainer to help maximize results and enhance the overall fitness experience. Additionally, our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that every fitness enthusiast, from beginners to advanced athletes, can achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Besides seeking the ultimate spa in the Maldives experience, be ready to envelop yourself in unmatched luxury and discover a diverse range of wellness activities. Your journey to relaxation and well-being starts here, where paradise meets perfection. Firstly, embrace the serenity and let go of worldly concerns. Secondly, allow us to guide you on a transformative journey of rejuvenation and tranquility.


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