Best At Maldives Experience At Paradise Island Resort And Spa

Paradise Island Resort is an award winning Maldivian resort which has attained its prominence byproviding the best modern stress-free holiday zone in the sunny side of life. Be it the tropics of the islandor the five-star luxury of the hotel services, you shall not be disappointed. This luxury island resort was developed on Lankanfinolhu, a mesmerizing gem shimmering in the North Atoll of Maldives. The crystalline aqua blue lagoons surrounding the island and the underwater kingdom of the corals surely makes the island more of a top list for a travel savvy. Paradise Island Resort is well-known for its truly hospitable services in letting the guests feel like they just stepped foot into a tropical paradise. Needless to say, this Maldivian island resort is in the list of the best 10 resorts in Maldives. Additionally, it has won significant awards such as World Travel Awards and World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Even though this Maldivian resort is one of the best of its type, this does not mean that visiting this island resort requires a grand fortune. Reasonable budget packages are also offered and such packages give a whole new line of experience to the budget travelers to Maldives. Additionally, all-inclusive packages are also recommendable in case one wants to try out a premium experience. Paradise Island Resort is just the perfect place for celebrating special occasions as well. As such, beach side weddings and other occasions can be celebrated in a truly professional manner. The Paradise Island Resort staff team are dedicated to provide their guests the celebration of their dreams. As far as the accommodation units are concerned, there is nothing more alluring than being able to stay in an elegant island villa where you could feel the gentle beckons of Mother Nature. The island villas and suites in Paradise Island Resort would definitely be worth a stay.

Super Beach Bungalow

These bungalows are set up in quite a convenient location. The bungalow faces right outside where you would find yourself lost in the picture perfect panorama of the setting sun and the golden rays which radiate afterwards. The bungalow is designed in such a way that one would have everything they need in it. A mini bar, followed by satellite TV, air conditioning and a spacious veranda where you could step into for a cold beverage while taking a sun bath session.

Water Villa

The water villas in Paradise Island Resort are semi-detached. There are about 40 simple water villas in the resort. These villas epitomize the ultimate comfort and relaxation in the accommodation unit. They offer the lagoon side view of the island and are also recommended for honeymooners.

Haven Villas

These villas are totally secluded from the rest of the island resort. After all, they are built on stilts above the water. Those yearning for an appealing holiday in Maldives would definitely be enthusiastic to experience this over water heaven.

Haven Suite

One would surely define the haven suites in this luxury resort as a retreat amid the shimmering Maldivian lagoon. A retreat which consists of a Jacuzzi, a private pool and a spacious sun deck. The never ending vistas of the aquamarine lagoons would surely be one of the most captivating feature of the suite.

Ocean Suite

The experience offered here at the Ocean Suite is seemingly incomparable to the rest of the accommodation units. The breath taking views of the lagoons can be seen from window of your suite. Imagine the splendor of waking up to the truly magnificent views of the pristine ocean. You could probably see this in a tropical island like this one.


There are numerous watersports activities available in this luxury resort. Those include activities which involves motored and non-motored equipment. If you are an adventurous traveler, you would definitely not let your vacation at Maldives end without enjoying a watersports activity. You could enjoy catamaran sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, para-sailing and many more.

Diving is also a popular

activity which would exhilarate a lot of people. The watersports team here in the resort are quite experienced and they could assure the finest and safest experience for you.


Araamu Spa is located in a rather serene area of the island. This is where you completely forget about the real world apprehensions and stress and let the spa masseurs perform their magic on you. There are a variety of spa packages. The spa offers exclusive packages depending on seasons and one would definitely not want to miss them. The herbal and relaxing treatment you get in this spa might just be your favourite part of your adventure at Paradise Island Resort in Maldives.

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