Tips for Tourists

To the south west of Sri Lanka lies a republic independent state, Maldives which comprises of 2000 miniscule coral islands. Lying scattered amidst the cerulean waters only about 200 of them have been inhabited. The other fishing villages have been remodeled as resort islands promoting Maldives. The outlined pristine beaches surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs along with the inner land comprising of emerald green coconut and other trees are good Maldives travel destinations. It is banned here to take any living or dead coral, its souvenirs or items made from turtles.

To know about Maldives and Maldives tour, it would do one some good to refer Maldives as a holiday destination. Everything from resorts to their locations, descriptions of few prominent ones and suitability all things are described briefly. The tourists can know about the geography and the other details and also how different it is from other destinations too. 

A representative from the resort will welcome the guests on arrival at the Male international airport. It is a five minute bus ride to the check in terminal. The seafarers take three minutes to reach the jetty. 

Buffet meals which comprise of various western and eastern sea food dishes is a routine unless mentioned otherwise. Enjoying beach barbeques made from the fresh catch will be a unique experience.

Neat, clean, plain furnished rooms in standard category and air conditioned gracefully furnished, water bungalows in deluxe category are the accommodation options here. All rooms are provided with balconies and offer breathtaking views of the sea. Most of them are one storied structures except for a few which are two storied.

Though little is offered as entertainment, water sports like swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sailing, catamaran, fishing and so on is a common feature at all resorts except during bad weather. Discos and live bands are provided at the resorts near the capital Male’. 

Health and vaccination
Polio, hepatitis A, typhoid and the like vaccinations are recommended before embarking the plane or ship.

Ramadan fasting month
Most of the employees follow Islam in this Muslim country and fast during the month of Ramadan but services to the guests are not affected by this. 

Liquors, canned drinks are all imported and hence may cost a little extra. Drinks are supplied to the guests in this Muslim country however the guests are not allowed to carry alcoholic drinks but are obliged to store them with the customs on arrival and are to be collect on departure. 

The porters would expect to be tipped and it is always advisable to carry small denomination cash in US dollar. Visa, AMEX, Master Card, JCB and diners credit cards are accepted. It is a norm that you need to settle all your bills before departure.

Usually the government bed tax of $ 8 that is levied is included in the room rent.

Desalination plants are set up in most resorts for filtering island water where fresh water is not available. It is generally used for showering and washing. Water supply is sometimes restricted if the rainfall is low or the demand is high. Heated water is offered in several resorts. On board vessels offer fresh water in the toilets and baths. Mineral water is served for drinking. 

Local and IDD telephones are found on all inhabited and resort islands. Telephone access from reception area and rooms is found on most resort islands. Wataniya and Dhiraagu provide mobile phone service throughout Maldives. To use your mobile phones you need to find out about the roaming agreement of your service provider with any of these services.

Internet access either via broadband or Wi-Fi is offered in some resorts while others have set up cyber cafes. These are generally situated in shopping areas or in the vicinity of the arrival jetty.

Transfer to resorts liveaboard night transfers
Generally locally made boats or speed boats are the mode of transport between the neighboring islands. The timings may vary according to the weather condition. Ari atoll resorts can be reached by helicopters or seaplanes in 20 to 45 minutes or speed boats in a little longer time. Inside the atolls the sea is found to be calm expect in the monsoon months May and June.

Further away from the airport no transfer is available on any resort. Those who arrive by evening flights need to check for the availability of night transfers. In three minutes you can reach the only airport hotel Hulhule Island Hotel for overnight stay or take accommodation in any other hotels in Male’ which are just ten minute ride away by a taxi or ferry boat. Every fifteen minutes such to and from shuttle service is provided costing about $1 per person.

Those registering for a diving package need to get a physical fitness medical certificate.
Diving certificates and log book copies should be brought by qualified divers.
It is advisable to ensure having insurance cover for diving as it is usually not included in the general holiday insurance.
Diving within 24 hours of arrival or departure is banned.
Completion of 12 years is needed for diving.
The mention of tank and weights only implies you need to take your stab jacket and regulator.
Divers are recommended to have their own snorkel and mask.
It is recommended that divers bring their own mask and snorkel.

A house reef is found on almost all islands. Trips to uninhabited islands and nearby reefs are arranged by most resorts. Usually the liveaboard guests anchor at secure reefs on fishing villages. They are allowed to snorkel at any such spot provided they bring their own fins, mask and snorkel.