Things to do

Diving Maldives
Fish as far as fifty meters being visible in the clear water of the warm seas of Maldives all through the year indicates high visibility. In addition free flowing monsoon tides and splendid formation of over 3000 coral reefs are found too. These ideal environs have initiated the formation of the richest diving coral reef spots in the world. 
Several underwater organisms including about thousand species of fish have made the Maldivian seas their home. An assortment of microscopic plant cells and tiny marine creatures has been created by the Indian Ocean monsoon tides. This profusion of food has attracted different kinds of underwater species to it creating a hub. From groups of colorful swimmers to small sized shrimp to splendid sharks and mantas you can see everything in Maldives, the experience of which will keep you enthralled lifelong.


To enjoy the Maldives one need not be a professional diver. Using well monitored diving facilities high level training from basic to advanced is offered at all safari boats and resorts. The splendor of underwater Maldivian life will be experienced even by the most averse diver under the supervision of experienced instructors. Get different dive spots amidst numerous reefs in the 26 atolls in Maldives every day which may need you to take a 15 to 60 min boat ride. This try necessitates a few minutes of swimming but it will be really gratifying.
Diving is done along a reef (faru) or a submerged aquarium like reef (thila) on a channel at someplace of the meeting spot of the atoll and the ocean or wreck. Macro diving as well as night diving give an awesome experience to the diver letting them view it up and close.

Water sports
There is a great deal of fun things to do in water than land in a spot that has more sea than land. Water polo is a weekend picnic sport, surfing an addiction and swimming is a recreation for the Maldivians. A range of water based activities are on offer at all the resorts making Maldives to house several sports centers. Anyone who wishes to spend a day snorkeling or feel the wind on a catamaran of windsurfer or meet the wide eyed fish. They can use any of the varying sizes of boards, snorkels or masks stocked up at these well-equipped centers. Courses in any of the water sports like kayak, kite surf, jet-ski and so on is available at some of the centers too.
Surfing in Maldives
The surfing buffs across the globe consider Maldives as their Mecca. During the southwest monsoon massive waves of about three to eight feet are experienced. In the north and south Male’ atoll many popular surf breaks are found. The surfing enthusiasts find these spots ideal for such activities and carry back memories of the Maldivian experience. Further away from Male’ awesome surf breaks are also found wherein surf cruises specialized events are organized. 

Traveling in the inhabited land is an excellent way to experience Maldivian life.

Local islands
A few of the islands have painted harbor walls and house walls giving an indication of modernization. There is no dearth of tranquil fishing villages that offer plenty of tree shade and traditional wooden holhuashi-an island version of gazebo, swings. It is a place for islanders to wander off to tell stories, exchange news and relax after a hard day at the sea.
Agriculture, fishing and related manufacturing are occupations here. Some of the islanders indulge in trading while others are into tourism. Handicrafts are also pursued in some islands.

It is characteristic of the islanders to complete their work by late afternoon and refresh themselves taking showers or bath at the wells. Then they and their children dress up in fresh clothes and go strolling or visiting relatives and friends carrying small bowls of homemade curry with them. It is also a time to relax at the beachside basking in the evening sun watching the children play along the beachside.

Night fishing
Fishing is entwined in the Maldivian blood that when someone gets a good catch there is celebration around the island. At the call of roosters the islanders wake up at dawn and start the day’s work at the sea collecting bait at the reefs and use pole and line method for fishing.

Taking a night reef fishing trip offered at some of the resorts is an excellent and gratifying way of getting the fishing experience at Maldives. Leaving at sunset via a boat you can find a good spot close to a reef. How to use the hooks, sinker and the lines will be shown by the boat crew and you may be able to get a good catch in an hour to fill the barbeque grill.

Virgin Islands
It is time to celebrate and eat heading to a deserted island after a good catch.

Take time to explore the untouched nature going for a stroll or taking a walk around while the fish is being ideally grilled. You may be enthralled by some undisturbed sound of nature treading the paths that have not had human foot prints since long. You can feel yourself floating amidst stars with so many of them spreading their brightness on the ground diminishing the need for placing any light.

Going through the unspoilt flora surrounded by dazzling sun beam lined waters and blinding beaches during the day time is an excellent experience giving a feel of only you being on the island. 

Spa and wellness
Taking in the rhythm of the waves, feeling the pristine white sand on bare feet, lying on a deserted beach will surly bring sootiness to your senses. Each island is a natural spa that is designed to caress, heal and soothe with its verdant greenery and secluded setting.

Perfected for ultimate getaway cocoons amidst the limitless Indian Ocean are the Maldivian spas. Incorporated in them are the special programs based on the traditional healing methods of the island. 
World class treatment is assured at every spa though the type of them can vary at each of them. Nestled deep into the vegetation or seated alone on any wooden jetty on a lagoon or underwater are the spots where these spas are set up.
In the spas virgin coconut oil made with the old traditional methods is used and is well known for healthful and hydrating elements. Gandhakolhi leaf is used to treat all kinds of minor ailments and aches along with the sand massage method to heal the joint and muscle pains. 

The Maldives honeymoon
Maldives is considered as one of the excellent backdrops for honeymooners and newlyweds to celebrate love in secluded and intimate settings. As a couple the magic of the island is sure to dazzle you in endless ways. a daring getaway to an uninhabited island, or a dinner under the stars with only a flicker of candle, or just lazing about in the bungalow viewing the cerulean waters indulging in spa treatment are just a few of them.

Diving among pretty and lively reefs, or just swimming around a house reef with a mask and fin, the couple can get to know each other better. After getting back the visitors are sure to relive these experiences. See who catches more fish indulging in a night fishing competition. The amazing boat trip at sunset will remain unforgettable in your memories. The love blossomed  here will remain with you forever.

Of course such an experience need not be a once in a life time experience for a honeymoon. This can be relived again and again whenever you come to the magical islands again.